• Measurement & Modeling

• Historic Preservation

• Accessible Planning

What we do:


Hudson Reality Capture offers advanced measurement and BIM/CAD modeling services for the AEC industry. We capture spaces with extreme accuracy (~2-6 mm). Plans and measurements can be verified and validated by licensed Structural Engineers (PE).


How we do it:


We use Lidar scanning technology to accurately measure every detail of the site. We register the data into a high resolution Point Cloud. From the Point Cloud we draft 2D & 3D Architectural Plans for comprehensive “As-Built” documentation.



We deliver professionally drafted 2D & 3D Plans as AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp or a variety of other formats.

We deliver a Registered Point Cloud which can be placed as a reference file in Revit or AutoCAD for drafting.

We include 3D Tours and HDR Photos so you can “be there” anytime with a remote site-visit.

Download our Residential Case Study: