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Levels of Detail (LoD)


LoD 100:

  • Basic 2D floor plans, Elevations.

  • No materials applied

  • Generic walls and Components

  • Basic Dimensions

  • 2D CAD files, PDF's or Revit file provided

LoD 200:

  • Generic Materials provided

  • Windows and Doors that closely match

  • More Detailed components

  • Rendered Elevations can be provided upon request

  • Obvious Structural Components

LoD 300:

  • A generic ground can be added with some features like driveway and sidewalks

  • Renderings can be added, exterior and interior

  • Interior Elevations can be added

  • More detail can be added to make the model look like the building (see the split wall brick on the bottom and siding on top)

Download LoD examples:

LoD 100 LoD 200 LoD 300

Download Scan2Plan Movie Deck

Download Scan2Plan Venue Deck

Oakwood Cemetery Demo